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Meet Ed Houban: The father of 106 babies.

In 20 percent of the cases, the husband was in the room…

Ed Houben is a sperm donor — but he doesn’t deposit his sperm in a cup.

Instead of artificially inseminating women, 46-year-old Ed prefers to get the job done the “natural” way. That is, Ed has had sex with hundreds of women in the hopes of impregnating them.

Father to 100 children
Ed Houden. Source: Youtube/TEDx Talks

Although Ed has always been vocal about his lifestyle, a recent interview with GQ has revealed the deeper intricacies of dhis incredible role.

Originally, Ed gave up his sperm “unnaturally”, donating sperm in a clinic for a number of years before switching to home visits to deliver his semen.

However, after a couple requested he inseminated the woman the “natural” way, he switched to sex as a primary method.

Now, he told GQ, he estimates two-thirds of the 106 babies he’s fathered were conceived by sex, and one third through artificial insemination.

This is an impressive feat for a man who admitted he was only having sex once every 10 years before this, and has described himself as “truly ugly fat guy with glasses”.

Now, he is flown around the world by women who are on specific ovulation cycles, having sex with many of them multiple times until they are finally pregnant.

The women, naturally, have varied opinions of Ed.

According to another interview with Der Spiegel, a mother-to-be: “Ed is so unproblematic. You don’t even notice him.”


GQ spoke to another woman who said, “It’s very nice, what he does. But on the other side, I’m sure it’s not that he has to force himself. He’s a man… Maybe 50 percent really wants to help with starting a family, and the other 50 percent likes having sex with women he finds attractive.

“I don’t really see a problem in that. No one is allowed to have fun having sex? He’s not forcing anyone.”

Ed in a TEDx Talk in 2014 discussing his lifestyle (post continues after video):

Video via TEDx Talks

Perhaps the most interesting and telling part of his interview with GQ was a series of quick-fire questions from journalist Michael Paterniti:

The oldest woman he’s ever tried with?


The longest he’s tried with someone?

Six years and counting.

How many tries in a day with one woman?


How many sets of twins?


Number of virgins with whom he’s had sex?


Percent of husbands in the room during intercourse?

“I would say no more than 20 percent.”

Percent of lesbian couples?



“I get tested every six months. If some women could have their way, the test would be no more than a week old, but no one’s going to mistake me for a heroin addict.”

Despite what sounds like quite a taxing lifestyle, he also holds down a normal job. This is lucky, as he isn’t getting paid. (Speaking to GQ, he admitted, “I’m rich in children, but not in money.”)

So is he the most altruistic man on the planet? It would seem not. Although his intentions seem good, he did not shy from giving Paterniti graphic details about each woman he’d slept with, including professions and aesthetic appeal.

He has more than 100 babies, and these days around two-thirds are conceived “naturally”.

Having said this, he was equally as willing to divulge details on the various men he had also shared a bed with as he tried to impregnate their partners, as well as the various reasons the men were not themselves impregnating them themselves.

And despite its perks, it’s not an ideal life.

Asked if he would miss the lifestyle once he can no longer offer his sperm, he replied, “Maybe I would miss the variety, but I’d trade it all for love anyway, a family of my own.

“But I have made it so that is almost impossible.”

Go to GQ to read the full interview with Ed Houban.

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