Gino and Mark Stocco: Body found on property where father and son fugitives arrested near Dunedoo, NSW.

A body has been found on the property where police arrested Gino and Mark Stocco, near Dunedoo in central western New South Wales.

The father and son fugitives Gino, 57, and Mark, 35, wanted after allegedly shooting at police in NSW, were taken into custody after a search spanning three states.

The pair, who had been wanted by police for eight years, were found at a property at Elong Elong, near Dunedoo.

Police said no shots were fired and no-one was injured during the arrest.

An ambulance was on standby in Dunedoo at the time of the arrests but a spokeswoman said it was not needed.

The pair are being taken to Dubbo police station to be charged.

There was an unconfirmed sighting of the Stoccos at about 7:00am at Hillston, which is a five-hour drive south-west of Dunedoo.

Bakery owner Donna Francis said the men were recognised by other customers who called police.

“I’m thinking to myself, are they the Stocco fellows?” she said.

“And I kept looking at them, but the father actually has a clean face now.

“I’ve only seen the police, the local ones, once and they asked me had I recognised them, and I said, well, I think it was them, I’m not 100 per cent sure.”

Gino and Mark Stocco were arrested at a property near Dunedoo. Supplied: NSW Police.

Elong Elong property ‘very isolated’.

Elong Elong Rural Property Centre director Denise Male said she sold the property Pinevale, where the men were arrested, only last year.

She said it was an isolated property that backed onto the Goonoo State Forrest, which is traversed by many remote access roads.

“It’s a very remote and private property,” she said.

“It’s a brilliant thing that police have tracked them down to that location, because it’s very isolated.”

Police have been running a major operation to capture the Stoccos since they allegedly shot at police with a high-powered rifle during a car chase in Wagga Wagga in NSW earlier this month.


A local roadworker said he saw a number of police and ambulance vehicles travelling up the road.

“I thought something must have been up, and yeah they kicked us off our job site and told us we had to get out,” he said.

“And yeah, apparently it was the blokes who have been wanted for a long time. At least they caught them I suppose.

“In Warrumbungle Shire you don’t usually see too much of this action going on.”

They were on Australia’s most-wanted list for a number of violent crimes and property offences in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

They were sighted at Gundagai in southern New South Wales on Saturday October 24, when they stopped to fill up a white Toyota LandCruiser with fuel, and drove away without paying.

NSW Police also received a report of a sighting east of Wagga Wagga in the morning on October 25 but had been unable to confirm it, they said.

There were also multiple sightings of the stolen vehicle in Victoria, including an unconfirmed sighting at Sale, in the state’s south east, on October 24.

The men had likely been changing their appearance, including shaving their beards, police said.

They were also believed to have frequently changed the licence plates on the LandCruiser ute.

There was speculation the pair could have stockpiles of supplies and weapons throughout NSW and Victoria.

Police described them as “fairly resourceful individuals”.

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