Netflix has just made us doubt our theory about the ending of Gilmore Girls.

Okay, so after we watched the final episode of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life reboot and read everything anyone, anywhere had ever written about it, we were pretty sure that we knew who….

Actually, wait. Sorry.


Please don't keep scrolling unless you've:
a) Seen the reboot and know what happened.
b) Haven't seen it but still care for some reason.

Okay, now the riff raff have gone, back to it.

So, we were pretty sure we knew who the father of Rory's bombshell baby was. But today, Netflix US has gone and tweeted this:

Yes, at first it might just seem like a nice little nod to the science fair project April Nardini conducted in order to find her biological father, Luke, in season five.

But don't be fooled.

While it might seem sweet and harmless on the outside, this little pic has seriously infuriating plot-screwing potential - much like April herself, come to think of it.

By posting it, the show's revivors are suggesting that Rory's baby daddy wasn't necessarily her long-time billionaire boyfriend turned part-time lover, Logan Huntzberger.

Firstly, WHAT?!

Secondly, how dare you, Netflix! We thought we had this all figured out.


I mean, Rory's New York fling with Man Dressed as Wookie happened in Spring, so it's likely she would have been showing by the end of Fall. And we can pretty safely assume she hadn't seen, um, Whatshisname... - Paul! - in months either.

Then factor in the notion that the actor who plays Logan, Matt Czuchry, told The Huffington Post he was told who the father is (why would they do that unless it was The Berger? Why? WHY?).

PLUS add to that the fact we know the ending is a full-circle moment for Rory, in which she's heading down the same path to single motherhood as Lorelai, and that Her Majesty Amy Sherman Palladino herself has identified Logan as Rory's Christopher and...

And... and...

No, you know what, Netflix? We won't be swayed by your destructive, mind-messing antics.

It was Logan, dagnamit. We have facts on our side.

Also, please feel free to go ahead and make Gilmore Girls: Another Year in the Life so we can be vindicated. Thanks.