These very sad men started 'fat shaming week'. But what happened next is brilliant.

Last week, the internet proved once again how it can often be a horrid cesspool of awful, when the charming gentlemen at a sad, sad website kicked off their inaugural ‘Fat Shaming Week’.

Basically, it was designed as a retaliation to body-love and fat-acceptance, movements which encourage people to love and respect themselves no matter what their size. Because how dare overweight people think they deserve to, you know, exist?

It went down like this:

1. Men at horrid website thought that fat women are not sufficiently ashamed of themselves, and decided they would be the ones do something about that. Otherwise fat ladies would take over the earth and murder everybody by crushing them with one hand, while eating cake with the other. Observe:

There is no one stating the obvious that a person’s physical appearance is a reliable indicator of their character. There is no Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil stating that it’s impossible for a whale of immense proportions to be a psychologically well-balanced person. There is no male celebrity stating that he rather die than have sex with a woman over 150 pounds.

Therefore, we are proud to announce this week as Fat Shaming Week. We have decided as a group that fat shaming is essential in creating a society of thin, beautiful women who are ashamed for being ugly. Let the fat shaming begin!

2. Men at horrid website then devoted the entire week to exclusively posting fat-shaming content. Here’s a selection of some of their headlines (clearly all based on empirical science):

3. Men at horrid website then started a twitter hashtag – #fatshamingweek – which allowed a bunch of other awful people to tweet every hilarious fat joke they could think of because FATTIES BE GROSS AMIRIGHT?!? The tweets were collected by the @fatshamingweek twitter handle:

4. Men at horrid website then sat back and watched as the interwebs applauded their genius, while fat women everywhere realised that they were hideous monsters and begged for forgiveness.


Everyone thought the sad men at horrid website were the absolute worst. And fat women everywhere fought back with epic brilliance. First they co-opted the hashtag:


And then THIS awesome woman launched an amazing counter-attack hashtag which went nuts in the twitterverse:

But the internet unanimously agreed that Meghan Tonjes won all the prizes with this incredible video response, that ripped everyone involved with Fat Shaming week a well-deserved new one:

If you can’t watch, the best part is where she says this:

I refuse to entertain the notion that publicly shaming people for being big, or fat, or anything that makes you uncomfortable, is anything but completely demeaning, ignorant, and disgusting. You should know that it’s no one’s job to defend themselves as being worthy of existence.

You’re making the world worse. Stop.

Megan is right. Everybody deserves to be happy regardless of their size. Everybody deserves love and everybody deserves to exist. Nobody owes it to anybody else to look a certain way. Last week just reinforced that message. So the knob-clouds achieved nothing.

Fat Shaming is ugly, not fat people. And I’d rather have a fat ass than an ugly soul.