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A woman has used her obituary to speak out about fat-shaming.

A Canadian woman has used her own obituary to speak out about what she called “fat-shaming”, saying that the Canadian medical system only offered her weight-loss support once she was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer.

Ellen Maud Bennett passed away at 64-years-old in May following a battle with terminal cancer. Her family recalls the woman as being remarkable with an incredible and successful media career.

While her obituary published in the Times Colonist notes the incredible success and attitude of the woman, it also shares a devastating message.

“A final message Ellen wanted to share was about the fat shaming she endured from the medical profession. Over the past few years of feeling unwell she sought out medical intervention and no one offered any support or suggestions beyond weight loss,” it read.

“Ellen’s dying wish was that women of size make her death matter by advocating strongly for their health and not accepting that fat is the only relevant health issue,” it continued.

Unsurprisingly, the moving statement resonated among many others who similarly encountered fat-shaming in the medical system. Many have now shared their experiences on Twitter, calling for the system to change in order for all men and woman to feel safe and supported in the medical system.




The family of Ellen Maud Bennett finished the obituary with a moving tribute to the woman, thanking the team at Victoria Hospice for giving her the “respect and kindness” she needed and deserved.

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