Am I normal? I love it that my husband's overweight.

Deep breath. My husband is “fat”, and I love it.

I love having an overweight husband, I really do. My husband has always been big. He was big when I met him and has gotten a little bigger in the eight years we have been together. I can’t fit my arms around him anymore but he can fit his around me. I really feel like there’s just more of him to love. He’s my ‘tubby hubby’.

When I’m with my married friends they speak about their husbands looks and weight in such a negative way. They seem to think how their husband’s look is a reflection on them. They speak longingly about how fit their husbands were when they first met them and how unfit they are now. I think they’re crazy and completely insensitive. How would they feel if their husband talked about them like that?

I love that he eats foods I didn’t realise still existed, like Space Food Sticks and Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs. I love how he appreciates everything I prepare for him, how he relishes it and enjoy it.

This is pretty much the story in my house.

Whenever I make a cake and am waiting for it to cool, I can always put money on him stealing a corner of it and eating it before I've frosted and decorated it. When I'm making an important cake I have to put signs on them saying, "DO NOT TOUCH!" His personality is just as big as his body and I love how big and loud and and boisterous he is.

But some of my family and friends have pulled me aside and told me they're worried about how much he weighs. My sister, in particular. She says that at his age it's just not healthy. He's 46 and she said I should be encouraging him to lose weight.

I've never wanted to be the kind of wife who nags her husband about his weight but she's made me a bit worried now. He does snore really loudly at night and sometimes his knees get sore. But besides that he's pretty healthy. He exercises every day for a hour. He used to be a professional cyclist so he still does his rides most days. He's fit but fat. He just really loves his food.

You know, I really think it would freak me out if he lost heaps of weight. I'd probably think he was having an affair or something. Isn't that one of the signs? I'm comfortable with him at the weight he is, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm comfortable with a fat husband for all the wrong reasons.

Is it okay that I don't nag my husband to lose weight? 

Like this? Try:

Is it normal...My husband has offered me money to lose weight.

Is it normal...My husband has never seen me naked.