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'I saw my son dragged across his bedroom floor by a ghost.'

A close-encounter of the ghostly kind has left British mum Kirsty Lee with a newfound fear of the supernatural.

The mother-of-one said she was terrified when her infant son was dragged across his bedroom floor by an invisible entity, and later became a vessel for a dark presence.

“I was petrified to death. I couldn’t move,” Lee told The Evening Gazette of the events which led her to call in real-life ghostbusters.

Soon after the moving into a new home in Billington, all kinds of spooky things began to happen from self-locking doors to toys inexplicably out of place, but one night they came to a head.

Kirsty Lee. Source: The Evening Gazette

"I was in bed and Kyran woke up hysterical and I said, 'He sounds possessed'," Kirsty told the local paper.

"I went into his room and he looked terrified so I brought him into my room. He basically stopped crying, looked up at us and another voice came from him and clear as day said 'I don’t know' then started laughing."

For weeks, one-year-old Kyran had trouble sleeping and was scared to be in his bedroom and Kirsty’s dad David, who fancies himself somewhat of a "psychic", began to suspect what was up.

“You can smell a spirit - spirits leave off a sweaty sock smell," he said.

Eventually, the family was forced to call an expert and paranormal investigator ‘Spooky Julie’ came to save the day.

Along with her eight-person team, they claimed to find "a vortex" above Kyran's Thomas The Tank Engine bed through which a spirit - since dubbed 'The Fat Controller' - had entered the child's bedroom.

A seance was held to stop the alleged hauntings, but the eerie (and oddly British?) experience certainly multiplied Lee's chills.

“I have never seen [a spirit] or felt one - but I believe in them," she said.

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