Purposeful walkers rejoice! The UK has its first ever fast lane for pedestrians.


You know the feeling you get when you’re hurriedly making your way from A to B and you get stuck behind a slow walker?

The irrational fury that spreads through your body when you realise the person blocking your way is on their smart phone or worse, they’re just gazing off into space?

Well, good news purposeful walkers, Britain has it’s first ever pedestrian lane just for impatient jerks like you (and me).

A completely legitimate survey, commissioned by not at all self-interested shopping retailer Argos, found that nearly half of British people find walking behind slow pokes the most annoying aspect of high street shopping.

In response, the city of Liverpool is trialling a fast lane for fast paced pedestrians in one of its major shopping strips, which will remain in place for at least the next week.

The research also found that fast lanes were more popular with young people than old — 69% off 16 to 25 year-olds backed the plan vs. only 37% of people over 55.

And that the main reason was to save some bloody time already.

fast walking lane washington 720x547
Similar cell phone lanes trialled in Washington DC last year. Image via Fox News.

In 2014, National Geographic conducted a social experiment in Washington DC, where they created separate lanes for phone users and non-phone users.

Most people ignored the pavement markings, but some stopped to take photos of them.

On their phones.