Insane birth story; baby born in under a minute.

A new mother in the UK has put herself in the running for ‘quickest birth ever’ after her daughter was born in the hospital entranceway while her husband was parking the car- all in under a minute.

Jessica Stubbins, from Scunthorpe, appeared on Good Morning Britain to share her story, telling news anchors that her baby was born in less than sixty seconds while she waited for her husband to rush back from the carpark.

The baby was Jessica’s second child so she knew what was going on but says she only felt a ‘twinge’ as she got out of the car. Her husband was less than 100 feet away and missed the moment his second child entered the world.

Amazing CCTV footage shows Jessica being dropped off at the door of the hospital. Within seconds she is crunched over. With one hand she reaches down and grabs her new baby while pulling at her pants with the other.

Jessica says that she had been at the hospital earlier in the day but chose to go home as her pains had eased. Putting it down to a false alarm, she returned home and had a bath. After a short time she realised that her baby was in fact on the way.

Luckily for Jessica, a nurse was nearby and heard her scream. She ran to assist and told Good Morning Britain "Initially I thought it was a labour room window open and thought someone was just very loud. But then I heard footsteps, and I turned around and saw Tom running, so I looked in the entrance and could see Jessica stooped over.

"I thought, 'That girl's not going to make it', so I ran, but by the time I made it Jessica was still stooped over but when I looked she had little Lucy in her arms."

Jessica untangled the umbilical cord herself while her husband arranged a seat for his wife and very new baby.

Help soon arrived and the new mum and baby were taken upstairs to be checked over. Hospital staff told the morning program "Jessica was just so calm and relaxed, and Tom was crying and Jessica was saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' while he was telling her it didn't matter. It was just a lovely experience, she did so well."

Watch the whole interview with the Stubbins family here.