Stylish kids' clothes that we're obsessing over.

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There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter’s style eclipses that of my own at a similar age – unless you are impressed with bike shorts with a lime-green side panel and fake Reeboks. The real question though? Is she more stylish than me full stop? Sometimes, I actually think the answer is yes.

But it’s no wonder when, for boys and girls alike, kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to clothes. They have great ranges, flattering, cute cuts, gorgeous colour palettes and something that is often missing from my own wardrobe – a sense of cheekiness and fun.

There are genuinely times I have wondered if I could squeeze into a kids’ size 16 and rock it as effortlessly as my daughter… But alas, at least I can still get pleasure in helping her to assemble her wardrobe each season.

Here is my take on the must-have kids’ wardrobe styles coming into spring this year.

Playful playsuits.

Now if I was a kid again, I would be rocking a romper 24/7. Playsuits are the ultimate in practical comfort, crossed with cool vintage vibes. And playsuits today, like this one from Country Road, are generous and floaty, and can look dressy enough for going out with the family or casual enough to be an everyday go-to item for girls.

Light and breezy for the warmer weather, paired with sandals they are the perfect girls-wear staple for spring. Tick!


If we were kids again, we'd be rocking a romper 24/7. Image: supplied.

Stylish boys’ basics.

Printed T-shirts and classic denim shorts are the basic building blocks for boys’ wardrobes that look good in any colour combination.

The Rock Your Kid range has great styles for boys, with cute, almost-hipster t-shirts paired with looser fit jean shorts, for a hint of ‘tude. Rocking it!


"Classic denim shorts are the basic building blocks for boys’ wardrobes." Image: supplied.

Classic special occasion.

Special occasion wear is guaranteed to be photographed and treasured, so it’s important to choose styles that are flattering, elegant and classic for young girls. Sophia dresses are gorgeous and timeless, without overstating the formality.

Classic cuts and quality fabrics combine to make any occasion more memorable for little girls.


"Sophia dresses are gorgeous and timeless." Image: supplied.

Boho chic.

Young girls today have cottoned on to the looser fitting, '70s-influenced trends such as Boho chic that are not only comfortable but effortlessly cool. This is where the wardrobe envy really kicks in. This chic dress from Boho Babe epitomises the trend towards relaxed, breezy fits with a hint of global influence.


Bang on trend in a way they won’t grow tired of.

Relaxed and breezy. Image: supplied.

Mini Preppy.

Boys can now also meet at the intersection of casual and smart, with mini preppy looks like this totally cute The Academy Brand outfit, an easy step up from the everyday. Relaxed pants paired with casual shoes and a classic tee, equals one sharp little man ready for a day of fun-filled adventure without compromising style.


So even if we never quite look as cool as our kids do, at least we can enjoy updating their wardrobes.

"The intersection of casual and smart." Image: supplied.

How do you dress your kids?