'I'm a fashion editor. Here are the 6 things I'm updating my wardrobe with for summer.'

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Last summer there were pearls.

Lots and lots of pearls.

We also wore striped shirts, bucket hats, and ALL the tiered cotton dresses. Remember those? Boy, did we love those. Still do!

But it's a new season, and although some of the biggest trends from last year will continue (our beloved matching linen sets are sticking around, promise), there are some very fun new looks in the wings ready to overtake your holiday wardrobe. So do some spring cleaning, dust off your shoe rack and make some space for a fresh vibe.

From printed party shirts to power blazers, here are six key items to look out for when you're shopping – plus how to style them.

1. Party shirts.

You might associate printed short-sleeve shirts with dads at barbecues, and for good reason – they've had the monopoly on this style for too long. But fashion has reclaimed the humble shirt and now we're seeing its rise for the warmer months. 

A party shirt is the perfect option for throwing on at the beach or wearing out on balmy nights, with retro prints and tropical motifs trending. I'll be wearing mine over a bikini with lots of gold jewellery to dial up the luxe vibes.

Cotton On Curve Haven Short Sleeved Shirt, $39.99.

Cotton On Curve shirt. Image: Supplied. 


VRG GRL Pasta & Summer Linen Shirt, $95.

Vrg Grl shirt. Image: Supplied. 


2. Really chunky slides

Popularised by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta, pool slides have been having their moment for a while now. But the new twist on this wearable trend is making them extra chunky – yep, they're almost like floaties for your feet. You'll be seeing lots of colourful woven and terry towelling options, as well as leather thongs with thick soles. 

As for how to wear them, don't overthink it. Chuck on a floaty summery dress, anchor it down with your big slides and you're out the door. Once I bought a pair of these stompy boys, I never looked back.

Aere Padded Chunky Crossover Slides, $150.

Aere slides. Image: Supplied. 


Billini Holly in Acid Terry, $59.95.

Billini slides. Image: Supplied. 


3. All blue everything.

After months of *that* forest green shade dominating the shops, we have a new 'It' colour and she's very fresh: enter Mediterranean blue.

Cerulean, aqua, indigo, cobalt – call it what you want, you'll be seeing it a lot. Swimwear, shirting, party dresses, even shoes will get the blue treatment this season. It's a definite holiday vibe and I'm into it – here's the proof.


H&M Cropped Linen Shirt, $34.99.

H&M shirt. Image: Supplied. 


Decjuba Natalie Textured Short, $79.95.

Decjuba shorts. Image: Supplied. 

4. Low-rise skirts.

If you live in high-rise everything, you might want to take a seat – and oh look at that, your butt's still covered!

If the 2022 runways are anything to go by, those low-slung, hip-hugging styles of the early noughties are well and truly back. But forget the denim skirts that started just above your pubic bone – the look now is more minimal and cool.


We're starting to see Aussie brands drop linen and silky midiskirts as well as structured low-rise minis. If you don't want to team your midi with a crop, try an oversized shirt knotted at the front.

Dissh Eva Natural Linen Skort, $99.99.

Dissh skirt. Image: Supplied. 

Cotton On Haven Maxi Skirt, $49.99.

Cotton On Skirt. Image: Supplied. 


5. More matching sets.

Two-piece sets have definitely had their time in the sun, but they're not going anywhere. Which is good news if you bought one or two and you've had them on high rotation. I love sets because take the stress out of dressing by simplifying your outfit to one decision.

While striped shirts and twinning shorts were hot last year, this time around we'll be shopping for colourful floral, abstract and paisley prints across button-up tops and palazzo pants. The best part? You can easily dress them up or down. I'm literally living in them.


Sheike Mon Amour shirt, $139.99, and pant, $159.99.

Sheike set. Image: Supplied. 


Zara Jacquard Knit Shirt, $75.95, and trousers, $75.95.

Zara set. Image: Supplied. 


6. Boxy blazers.

Blazer addicts unite!

Although we're heading into summer and it seems kind of counterintuitive, blazers are one of the biggest styling trends coming through, and thank goodness for that. 

These aren't your corporate suit jackets though – in 80s-inspired shades like lime green, latte and white, they're cut to be boxy and deliberately oversized so you can chuck them effortlessly over minidresses and shorts. Look for lightweight styles in cotton and linen which are perfect for layering. 


Madison the Label Frankie Boyfriend Blazer, $169.

Madison the Label blazer. Image: Supplied. 


Decjuba Bronx Oversized Blazer, $189.95.

Decjuba blazer. Image: Supplied. 

H&M Oversize Jacket, $69.99.

H&M blazer. Image: Supplied. 


Happy styling, friends.

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Feature image: Supplied/Zara/Cotton On; Instagram/Tamara Holland