Your wardrobe sorted. Finally.

Whether you want to channel classic grace, urban bohemia or rock chic there is a mummy muse to suit you, just take what works for you and make it your own.

Don’t you wish you could wave a magic wand and have a fairy fashion stylist lay out your looks every day?

Or even better, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the time to languish in front of the wardrobe and create looks you would love to wear?

For new mums it can be hard to transition from work outfits to an off duty style that we feel good about. We stretch ourselves across so many tasks its hard to take the time to know what to wear so the next best thing is to see who is doing it right and figure out how.

Many celebrity mums manage to look so gob-smackingly good they render us mere mortals agape and paralysed. However, on close inspection they all have a simple style formula that they stick to, adding tweaks here and there to amp it up or make it feel new. This means that they don’t get confused by too many clothes with differing influences (sound familiar?) and stick to what they know works. Wardrobe 101 for Mums: Fashion Formulas for Modern Mothers is a crash course in star powered style, selecting the most stylish mummy muses and deconstructing their style formulas so you can take the lead from those in the know.

Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge – Regal Lady.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a beacon of modern femininity. Her elegant style expertly combines high-end and high-street pieces in a way that feels timelessly sophisticated. She shows us that choosing simple pieces can make a strong statement and emphasises that sometimes the cleverest looks are also the easiest.


Classic Kate loves a smart navy and white ensemble, often seen sporting a Breton striped top with a classic blue blazer and dark denim jeans. With her signature wedges add a casual polish without looking stuffy or overdone. Replace the wedges with flat espadrilles and add a splash of colour in an oversized scarf or top it off with a straw hat to make it sun savvy.

Lesson to Learn – when in doubt, respect the classics.

Nicole Richie – Fashion Alchemist

Nicole Richie has evolved into a benchmark of our times. Her edgy combinations blend classic rock, hippie luxe and high fashion influences to create slick outfits that inspire awe. She refuses to pigeonhole her looks and it’s these clever twists that keep us crushing on her looks.

Nicole always adds spunk to simple core pieces like jeans and a t-shirt by adding an unexpected element. She transforms a silk shirt-dress into a breezy coat and cuffs her jeans and sleeves to take them from thrown on to simply styled. This also draws the eye in at the fine points of ankle and elbow. She pulls together each look by ensuring that at least one accessory emulates the colour of her clothing.

Lesson to Learn: Keep things simple and let one thing shine.

Beyonce – High-Voltage Glam

Beyonce’s dynamic personality and flair for entertainment are expressed through her love of vibrant colours and patterns. She shows us how to embrace womanly curves and proves that being a mum doesn't mean losing your sex appeal. If you like to turn heads then Beyonce is the mummy muse for you.


Beyonce expertly combines bold colours and prints with ease. Though her quirky mash-ups might seem random there is method in how she makes it work. Her colour combinations always operate within the same shade story, that is brights with brights or muted with muted, as mixing them up is when you can easily go wrong. When teaming a bright garment with a bright accessory Beyonce knows to show some skin in between to avoid them clashing.

Lesson to learn – Find a shade that suits your personality and work it.

These are just a few of the mummy muses featured in Wardrobe 101 for Mums: Fashion Formulas for Modern Mothers. They are chosen to inspire you with some simple short cuts and show you that being a wonderful mum need not be at the expense of looking great. I translate their style secrets into everyday practicality that you can emulate in your own way. I don't suggest that you replicate someone else’s style from head to toe, however if you choose a style that appeals to you and understand the elements that make it work you can apply them to your own wardrobe with ease and step out in a style that is truly your own.

Here are some times these mums rocked their personal style...

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