These dads had a go at being fashion bloggers.

The results are hilarious.

What do self-obsessed fashion bloggers and fashion-impaired dads have in common? Seemingly nothing, but the Instagram account “Fashion Dads” proves that the combination can be hilarious.

The account matches awkward shots of fatherly types with captions worthy of the most cringe-inducing bloggers. This includes pairing a photo of old sneakers with hashtags like #WinterWhite, #DenimDiva and even #GeorgeClooney.

Ashley Hesseltine, who pens the blog Witty + Pretty, created the account with her friend Travis May when the two connected over the holidays about their own dads' outfit choices.

"We started with pics of our own dads, then people started submitting them, and we've pulled some random gems from Instagram, too," Ashley said.

As for their fathers' reactions to the parody, Ashley said her dad Leigh is secretly flattered. "I swear he even started dressing extra special over the holiday after we started the account," she said.

As for Travis' dad Larry? His exact words were: "Lord, here he goes again."

The duo has a history of Instagram success after starting the account "Bros Being Basic," which made headlines for highlighting the differences between how men and women use the social media app. They now similarly capitalise on the oddball combination of family photos with fashionista-style captions.

"We are both very familiar with the fashion blogger writing style and the hashtags, so it was only natural to write the captions like that," Ashley said.

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