A feud has erupted between two fashion bloggers and it's truly riveting stuff.

Firstly, before we really begin, I’m going to unequivocally say this one’s on us.

The fact we have two fashion bloggers copying the other’s aesthetic – and the fact that this is now a story – says a lot about who we are in 2017: Social media monsters with a greater stake in the online world than reality.

What a time to be alive.

Let me introduce you to Jenn Lake. Jenn Lake is a fashion blogger from Chicago.

Recently, she posted on the blog she runs, Style Charade, that an unnamed fashion blogger has been taking her stuff. Well, not technically taking. Emulating, perhaps.

In the piece, the blogger says that for more than three years someone “has been using [her] Instagram account as a template for their own”.

“This person has systematically copied my channel, captions, locations concepts, and personal style,” Lake wrote. “As a result, I’ve taken immense steps to try and evolve the look and feel of my Instagram account to further differentiate and push the creative boundaries. Every time I pivot into new territory, the individual does the same soon thereafter.”

To summarise: Lake is “pivoting” and “evolving” and “pushing the boundaries” of her Instagram aesthetic – I also wish that wasn’t a sentence, and yet, here we both are – and despite the pivoting, she is still being copied.

Let me introduce you to Rosie Clayton, who doesn’t have a blog and is more, shall we say, a fashion influencer. There is a distinct difference between the two, obviously.

According to Chicago Mag, Clayton is the one they suspect is copying Lake. We can’t imagine why.


In a surprisingly illogical explanation, Clayton told Chicago Mag the only reason it looks like she’s copying is because she has less followers than Lake. Clearly.

“I’m not connected with certain big fashion bloggers and I don’t have a blog [like Lake],” she said. “Because I have less followers it looks like I’m the one copying.”

Just for the record, of which I know you’re deeply enthralled, Clayton has 120,000 followers to Lake’s 150,000.

In her blog, Lake said the unnamed curious copier used to be her friend, and can’t understand why these inexcusable actions aren’t leading to insomnia.

“Over the years, countless friends will message/text me to flag examples of this person copying. It usually happens in the evening when I’m home from work, and I turn to my husband every time and say, ‘how can (this person) sleep at night?!’

“His response always gives me chills…

“‘Very soundly,’ he says. ‘Because it’s working.'”

Just as a minor plot twist – because every good narrative has a point of tension!! – on closer inspection, there does seem to be the odd image or two that Clayton has uploaded first, with Lake uploading after.

Like, say, this:

So who is copying who?

This one’s far beyond my expertise.

Where is the UN when we need it?

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