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Farmer Lachlan wanted a wife, so Channel 9 gave this poor guy the chop.

He was promoted as a “sensitive romantic who wants to share his life with someone special” but he’s been dropped from the show.

Picture this: A lonely sheep herder named Scott Mitchell, desperate for his chance at love. Finally, he’s about to get it as he’s cast in the upcoming season of Farmer Wants a Wife. Because he is merely a farmer, looking for a wife.

But then he gets a call. He’s dropped. Jilted. Done. His one chance at true love, CRUSHED like the wheat during harvest season.

Why? Because heartbroken Married at First Sight star Lachlan McAleer needed a second chance at love.

Scott, 36, was featured in a promo video for the upcoming season, but was replaced by Lachlan and no longer features in the chosen six contestants that will be the focus of the show.

He was even interviewed by David Campbell on the Today show before being cut. You can watch that interview below. Warning: he is very charismatic and charming, and you may fall a little in love with him.

Video via Channel 9

Scott is a single father-of-two who says he’s disappointed by the decision.

“I thought I’d let all my family and friends down,” he told Sydney Morning Herald.

Producers of the show deny Lachlan replaced Scott, and said the Married At First Sight star had been in the running from the beginning. But Scott says he’s got nothing to hide.

“I’m 36, I’ve been through a fair bit, I don’t need to lie about stuff,” he said.

“I’ve got nothing against their call. The integrity on their side of things, I judge that, but they have a business to run.”

Scott on the Today show, talking himself up. Screenshot via Channel 9.

After being cut from the show, Scott says he’s received an influx of messages from women on social media, so we have a feeling he’ll be okay.

Despite being a bit sad, Scott has taken the situation like a champ and is now moving forward and looking to the future.

“There’s definitely someone out there for me, I’m just going to have to find them the old fashioned way.”

Any farmer-loving women out there? We’ve got the guy for you.

Click through the gallery below to find out about the final six Farmer Wants A Wife contestants. 

Will you be watching Farmer Wants A Wife?

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