A popular Farmer Wants A Wife contestant has been accused of locking his dog in a hot car.

Farmer Wants A Wife hopeful Lachlan McAleer has been accused of leaving his beloved pet dog locked inside his car on Saturday while he was spotted doing his grocery shopping.

While humidity was high and temperatures soared to 29 degrees, this poor little pooch was stuck inside Lachy’s car, near his farm in Camden in Sydney’s South-West.

Chilling with the King of Cawdor!! Snoop Doggy Dawg!!

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Prior to this season of Farmer, Lachlan appeared on Married At First Sight last year.  His ‘TV wife’, Clare Tamas, recently told Mamamia that Lachy’s dog is a top priority in his life, a close second to himself.    

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“Lachlan was in love with himself, his dog, and… himself. I don’t think Lachlan knows what love is to be honest, not everyone who wants love is capable of it.” Clare said.

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Despite telling audiences that Clare was his ‘dream-girl’ during the ‘Where are they now?’ special of Married at First Sight, Lachlan discontinued any relationship with her.

“His actions spoke loud and clear when he just cut all contact with me. His filming commitments were over — apparently so were we.” Clare revealed.
claire and lachlan
Clare and Lachlan were known for their tumultuous relationship. Image via Channel Nine.

Lachlan hasn’t wasted anytime ruffling feathers on FWAW after Monday night’s episode, when he enjoyed the first kiss of the season with contestant Belinda.