Do not try this manicure trend at home.

Image via Instagram Get a load of this. We think we just found the most Australian nail art ever. Remember Ossie Ostrich? He now exists in nail polish form.

The art comes via 'I Scream Nails,' which is nail bar that opened first in Melbourne, and is now also in Sydney's Newtown. They're just one of many nail bars creating something called 'Fancy Nails,' which are nails with intricate pictures painted on them. And those pictures usually convey just how excited or obsessed someone is with something. Giving birth to your first child? Paint 10 little baby faces on. Going to Hawaii? Aloha, baby. Paint some frangipanis on those bad boys. So would you ever be game to try it? Check out some of these images for inspiration.

 Would you try fancy nails?