The deepest insecurities of Hollywood's most famous women.

Everyone gather round. Something has been said that can never, ever be taken back.

Angelina Jolie thinks she is weird looking.

I repeat.

Angelina Jolie, the woman whose face makes angels weep, thinks that something about her #flawless body is, in actual fact, flawed.

“I have so much wrong with me. I’m odd looking. Sometimes I think I look like a funny-muppet,” she said, before the earth imploded from sheer disbelief that anyone so incredible could ever feel even slightly insecure.

Angelina. Looking flawless.

Angelina is just like all of us. I suspect that sometimes, she also flicks through the pages of a magazine or watches the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, then proceeds to eat 43 cinnamon scrolls because she feels, well, a bit crappy about the way she looks.

Seeing celebrities admit to their insecurities makes me feel good. Don’t judge me. I don’t delight in other people’s pain. I see their confessions as a way of them telling us that the whole ‘glitzy’ world of Hollywood, and fashion magazines, is a lie: the photoshopped billboards, the hours spent in hair and make-up, the three pairs of spanx worn to every red carpet event – all of them big, fat lies.

Angelina isn’t the only one. Many incredibly successful, beautiful female stars have come out and said that they often feel  insecure about the way they look.

Click through our gallery to see some of Hollywood’s most famous who have shared their insecurities. Post continues after gallery. 

When these women say they feel insecure, I light up because I, funnily enough, feel insecure too. Yes, I may be young, childless and wrinkle free, but I think my nose looks like a gnome’s and on a bad hair day I resemble Sideshow Bob. We all have our ‘thing’.

We can say that Angelina has nothing to feel insecure about, because she is literally a goddess walking before us, but when she opens up, I see her as a human just like me, who will never quite feel good enough in front of the mirror.