Their toddler was recovering from chickenpox so they were told to get off the plane.

There is nothing more uplifting than the kindness of strangers.

A family was ordered to leave a plane minutes before takeoff because their son was recovering from chickenpox.

Paddy and Carrie Doyle boarded the flight from Birmingham airport with their two children Jack, 1, and Ruby, 5.

The family were headed to Portugal for a break from the tragedy that had recently gripped the young family.

The Mirror reported Paddy has been battling cancer since he was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year.

Paddy and daughter Ruby. Source: Facebook.

Mother Carrie told her followers on Facebook the airline demanded they produce an official letter before they could fly.

"Apparently it was all from bad communication and because we did have a fit to fly letter from the doctor!" she said.

Carrie said they had told the airline of the situation beforehand and had been given the 'all clear' from their GP.

The family re-entered the airport shattered at the loss of their long-awaited holiday.

It was then that customer service representative Zita Small approached Carrie noticing her distress.

Jack and Ruby. Source: Facebook.

Carrie told her followers on Facebook the representative burst into tears hearing their story as she too had suffered at the hands of cancer.

"She's been through the exact same with her husband who sadly lost his life a couple of months ago," Carrie said.


Small arranged for the family to take the next flight in the morning, flying first class and at no extra cost.

The Doyles arranged the letter from their doctor and successfully caught the next flight.

Zita Small and the Doyle family. Source: Facebook.

Carrie has now shared her story on Facebook in order to get the word around about the kindness and generosity of the employee whose surname she didn't even know.

"It's with a massive, massive, massive thank you to this incredible lady who didn't have to all that she did for us!" she said.

"She went completely out of her way to help us with not benefit to her whatsoever!"

The story of the Doyles and Zita Small has been shared on Facebook over 42,000 times with 62,000 likes.

Carrie has continued to post about how much the family are enjoying their holiday.

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