Daniel is only 17 but he's comforting his family at his mother's funeral.

Tina Kontozis was brutally murdered in a shock attack that stunned and devastated her family and friends.

Her former partner Stephen Boyd, 51, has been charged with her murder and her family is now left to pick up the pieces.

Now Kontozis’ nephew has spoken out about his family’s ordeal, hoping to send an important message about domestic violence.

Adam Kontozis spoke to about his aunt Tina and her son, Daniel Boyd, in an interview that revealed intimate details about the family who have remained private since the tragic death.

Adam said news of domestic violence that results in death had become an almost daily ritual in Australia.

“You hear about someone killing their wife, or their kids almost every day it’s almost like you become conditioned to it,” he said.

The 23-year-old hoped that speaking out would reveal the true nature of violence against women.

“I think people should say something [if they suspect something is wrong]. If someone is willing to [cause harm], they’ll do anything — just say something,” Adam said.

“People deserve better, woman or man, they deserve better.”

Adam revealed how his personal tragedy with the loss of his aunt had spurned him into action.

“If it can happen to someone like Tina… I just pray it gives people the courage to speak up because speaking up can save a life,” he said.

Adam also said his 17-year-old cousin Daniel had taken on the role of comforting others in the aftermath of his mother’s tragic death. 

“With Daniel telling us, look it’s going to be OK, I’m going to be OK. I think that’s amazing for him to be comforting those who hadn’t been as close to Tina as he was. It shows a lot of emotional strength,” Adam said.

The accused killer Stephen Boyd. Source: Twitter.

Boyd has been charged with her murder, two assaults and breaching an apprehended domestic violence order.

It has been reported that Daniel was also injured in the April 24 attack that caused her death.

Mourners at her funeral were told they couldn't find a single photo of the mother standing alone, such was her dedication to surrounding herself with others.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Daniel.

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