How mother of quintuplets Kim Tucci feeds her family-of-10 for just $350 a week.

Kim Tucci became a global sensation when she fell pregnant last year with quintuplets – naturally.

The five recent arrivals brought her total number of children to eight – and her family to 10. That’s almost enough for an entire soccer team!

But if you thought that would make her weekly grocery bill go through the roof, think again.

Thanks to her savvy supermarket shopping, Tucci manages to feed her family of 10 for just $350 a week.

Listen: Kim Tucci on feeding her family without breaking the budget. Post continues after audio.

“Please tell me you do frozen lunches or something,” asked I Don’t Know How She Does It host Alissa Warren.

“No frozen lunches, I always make them fresh!,” Tucci said.

And sitting down for a family dinner is non-negotiable.

“I make the dinner and we’ll have things like beef stroganoff, or roast vegetables and chicken drumsticks, risotto,” she said.

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“We try and do a healthy meal at the end of the day otherwise I feel really guilty.”

Sounds delicious.

Even food for her five 16-month-olds is freshly made every day.

“We make the food for the babies fresh every day, they don’t have anything out of a jar,” she said.

“We just couldn’t afford to buy that much baby food”.

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The biggest trick Tucci employs to stay in budget is shopping sensibly – and embracing homebrand.

“We do go for, for the babies, say the 85 cent bread as opposed to the $4 stuff. They’re not going to know the difference,” she explained.

“It’s the same with thinks like margarine for the kids. It just makes sense.”