One thing every mother needs to pack for family holidays.

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Tech-free holidays sound great in principle. We can spend our days frolicking on the beach, enjoying jugs of sangria with mates, and admiring the glorious spawn we created as they cartwheel along the sand.

In reality after a week or two with no internet access, we end up going completely cray-cray. Technology is not the enemy it’s often made out to be; it can save us from moments of boredom, help us stay in touch with loved ones, and give Mum and Dad a bit of ‘me time’ to recuperate from all the activities, overindulgence and sibling rivalry.

That’s why I never zip up my suitcase without packing my laptop and Telstra mobile hotspot.

Using other people’s WiFi can be a bit hit and miss on holidays. The signal can be temperamental and some resorts and venues still charge you for it (tight, I know). I like having ownership of my internet connection and knowing it will be reliable without costing me a ridiculous daily rate.

The Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Plus mobile hotspot ensures I can take it away with me over summer or weekends away. I also know I’m never going to get an unexpected bill as the service is loaded with an amount I’m comfortable spending.

Roadtrip entertainment all sorted. Image: iStock.

I recently enjoyed a week in Queenscliff on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula with my husband and two kids. We had a fabulous time swimming, catching up with friends and venturing to the local parks.


After a busy morning, the kids would be tired and a tad cranky so I’d divert them from arguing over whose turn it was to play with the remote control car by firing up the laptop with their favourite YouTube channel. Every few days we’d Skype with my family located in the UK and South Africa.

We’d swap holiday stories and laugh about my kids stripping off their bathers every time they see water as I chase after them with a towel. Being away from family can be hard over the holiday season and I love that we can still connect regularly with family.

These days most families have multiple devices, all of which need access to the internet. I run my own business which means that on holidays I have to do an hour or two of work while the kids nap and my husband reads the news online.

Okay, okay, I’m also partial to filling a virtual shopping cart with lots of things I don’t need because they are 25 per cent off. With the Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Plus, up to 10 compatible devices can be connected to the internet at the same time.

Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula with my two kids. Image: Supplied.

That means no fighting over a single laptop or tablet. If Dad wants to check the lotto results, Mum wants to sign up for her 16th online fitness program and the kids want to stream different shows, everyone stays happy.


Summer holidays also mean road trips, often really long ones. With my husband behind the wheel and the kids asleep on the backseat, I love being able to read my favourite blogs (in between appreciating the scenery of course).

I love holidays. I love spending time with my husband and kids. I also love using technology to connect and entertain us. Telstra is the perfect holiday companion for my family as we explore Australia, adding to my kids’ awesome bank of childhood memories.

Pack the internet this summer with Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Plus. Connect the whole family at the same time (up to 10 compatible devices). The 10 hrs of battery life means you can take it on road trips, down the beach for the day or camping. Plus enjoy double data on recharges from $30 this summer (ends 17 February).

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