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Mum of 4: the moment I discovered I was having quintuplets

Image credit: Cardon Children's Medical Centre

Imagine being a mum of four, going to your 12-week ultrasound and discovering you were  having quadruplets. Then returning for a second ultrasound at 22 weeks and being told a fifth baby was hiding there ...

That's the amazing discovery Evonne Derrico made earlier this year. And rather than freaking out, she says she cried "happy tears".

She and husband Deon, who live in Las Vegas in the US, already had seven-year-old daughter Dai, three-year-old son Deon and one-year-old twin boys Dallas and Denver.

They've now welcomed quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten.

Despite the family doubling, the couple feel blessed and apprehensive. Deon told the Las Vegas Sun, 'We have a vehicle for the family right now, but we don't have a vehicle for the five others. There's just so much to figure out.

The babies were born last Friday at the Banner Desert Medical Centre in Arizona  between 11.17am and 11.21am. The quintuplets are doing as well as can be expected, each weighing less than 1.3kg each. They are expected to remain in hospital for several weeks.

In keeping with family tradition, names starting with the letter 'D' were chosen.

The babies were conceived naturally. Evonne carried them to 32 weeks, a month longer than most women pregnant with quintuplets.

"This has humbled me," Deon told the Sun. "I feel very honoured that God chose us." He says they've always wanted a large family and has discussed having 11-12 children.

We feel tired just thinking about the nine they have now!

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