Celebrities falling off Hoverboards. Because why not?

You know what annoys me? Hoverboards.

The deceptively-named hoverboard was the gift du jour for Christmas 2015, with hordes of awkwardly standing children and adults zooming around in an apparently more efficient manner than walking.

And I swear to you, dear reader, there is nothing funnier on this planet than watching people fall off their aforementioned hoverboards.

Seriously now, they don’t even hover!

And do you know what’s even better than watching people fall off their hoverboards? Watching CELEBRITIES fall off their hoverboards.

By far, my favourite stack has been none other than athletic genius Mike Tyson:

Video via Mike Tyson

I know you’re laughing, but can I just be That Guy and say that learning to use a hoverboard next to a glass front door might not be the best idea?

But wait. There’s more.

Coming in at a close second has to be Real Housewives Of Melbourne star (‘star’?) Gamble Breaux take a remarkable tumble off her hoverboard whilst holding a glass of wine.

(No wine was injured in the making of this video.)

Video via Gamble Breaux

Go on. Watch it again. It seriously just keeps getting better and better.

And the best thing about this? At least the celebs can laugh at themselves.

And with that, I’m going home

**** Please note, no celebrities were harmed in the making of this video ***