This invention will save your pristine white sheets from fake tan stains.

Slathering fake tan on your body without missing any spots, over-doing your elbows or leaving streaks is one thing. Not staining your creamy white sheets a delightful shade of Tandoori that same night is quite another.

Anyone who’s indulged in a little DIY tanning knows light-coloured linen and brown goop don’t really get along, but it’s hard to avoid transferring a little colour when you come into contact with household items (and, um, loved ones) — especially if you’re a bit impatient and don’t wait long enough for the formula to dry.

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No need to despair, though: thanks to the nifty product we’re about to introduce you to, you don’t have to choose between your bedsheets and your bronzed skin.

Sophie Guidolin is a convert.


Say hello to the fake tanning sleeping bag, which is exactly what the name suggests: a protective slip that allows you to lounge around in bed without fear of staining.

We have Sophie Guidolin to thank for bringing this invention to our attention. The woman who came to the world's attention for her "pregnant fitness" recently Instagrammed the above photo, writing, "I am a white sheet kind of girl, and I usually plan my spray tans #faketan around our washing day... this will save a lot of washing in this house!" Amen.

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While there are a few versions of this product floating around the internet, Tanzee Australia claims theirs is the "ORIGINAL fake tan sheet protector". We love supporting local companies, so we'll happily take their word for it. The Tanzee slips between your sheets and doona cover, with a built-in pillow slip so all your bases are covered.


If you've ever been backpacking, it'll probably remind you of those silk sleeping bag protectors you use to keep bed bugs at bay.(Post continues after gallery.)

According to the website, the microfibre silk fabric is "amazing" for your skin and hair, and its softness helps to prevent streaks in your fake tan. That's a plus — bad fake tanning efforts happen to good people, after all.

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"Cotton and other rough fabrics draw moisture from your hair and skin due to their ability to draw many times their weight in liquid ... [Tanzee fabric] is still absorbent but only at a fraction of the amount," the website states.

The silver Tanzee


"This means your skin and hair will stay moisturised for much longer and your tans and overnight creams will stay where they are supposed to… On your skin."

The Tanzee is available in brown, black and silver and will set you back between $38.95 and $42.95.

You know, it's only five months until Christmas. A little premature 'Treat Yo'Self' never hurt anyone, right...?

Have you ever stained your sheets with fake tan? Did it come out?