A woman just learned the hard way why you should never, ever fake tan before the gym.

There are certain things you should never, ever do straight after getting a fake tan.

Like, fall asleep. Or go for a swim in the pool. Or have sex (unless your significant other is quite alright with getting a little residue tan all over them and the clean sheets).

Oh, and you also should definitely, definitely NOT go to the gym.

Unfortunately, a Twitter user from Scotland named Eve discovered this lesson the hard way.

After a long and sweaty workout session, Eve discovered this when she removed her leggings at the end of the day:

Yep, that’s a perfect imprint of an Adidas logo basically branded onto her leg.


It turns out leggings + fake tan + sweat = a walking, talking billboard.

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Eve’s tweet – which as already been shared almost 3,500 times – prompted responses from women who had found themselves in equally as mortifying fake tan situations.


Others had some useful tips for how to avoid the situation in future:


(Eve, we totally recommend this dress to solve all your future fake tan dilemmas.)

The best response of all came from Adidas themselves, who couldn’t resist giving Eve props for being such a “hardcore fan”.

Free workout gear for life? We think yes.