A guy made a bunch of fake self-help books and snuck them into bookshelves.

Too long have we struggled through the confusion that comes when a loved one announces that they are a centaur. No more, we say. No more.

A man in the US has trolled his local bookshop, sneaking his homemade – and hilarious – self help books onto shelves.

The man, known on Reddit as “ObviousPlant” planted the books surreptitiously amongst other slightly more legitimate self-help books.

Titles now mixed amongst the more legitimate books include So Your Son is a Centaur and Learn How to Dress Yourself. 

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For all those that find the books, they can rest easy knowing that they and their Centaur son are NOT ALONE.

There is help, and it comes from the likes of world-renounced Psychologist Dr Pinder Chipps who received his PHD from a hobo “who was selling false documents out of the trunk of his car.” (Which sounds credible enough).

Thank you, “Dr” Cindy.


There is not word yet on whether anyone has attempted to buy any of the books, but here’s hoping that if they do, they will be well versed on understanding their child’s decision to “go through a wizard’s change.”

Here are some of the other fake self-help books that are popping up at ObviousPlant’s local bookstore: