Woman gets the ultimate, hilarious revenge on a sleazy Facebook scammer.


I think I’ve found our new feminist hero.

After receiving a dodgy Facebook message from a scammer, a woman in the UK decided to have a little fun, before posting the whole exchange to Facebook.

When a man called Anil Khuller, who claimed he was from West Bengal in India, asked the woman whether she’d like to “chat to an Indian man honny”, she replied: “What an enormous coincidence Anal”.

“I was just thinking that I would love to be in contact with an Indian Man Honny.”

The man then asked her to call him Anil not anal.

“No. Anal is from anus,” he wrote, to which she replied: “What?? I thought you said you were from India?”

Still not understanding that he was the butt of the joke (see what I did there?) the scammer then asked the woman whether she was a “whote woman” because he loves “whote” women.

The feminist hero we never knew we needed then replied: “I am very very whote. I pride myself on my whoteness”.

The scammer then suggested he’d come to Britain for a loving and beautiful relationship if she could just help him pay for the plane ticket.

He’ll pay her back, of course. You know… later?

facebook scammer revenge
Oh wow, Anal you're screwed. Image via Bored Panda.

Anil explains that a $500 transfer through Western Union should cover it.

Read the entire hilarious exchange here (post continues after gallery): 



He then asks her to send him photos of her "bobs" to which she replies: "I can't find any Bobs. I did, however, find an Alan, a Bernard, a couple of Gareths and a Mohammed (diverse!)".

Our anonymous friend then asks Anil to post the following message as his Facebook status to prove his love for her: "I am Anal from Anus I am a very naughty boy who needs to be scolded for my filthy behaviour" - which he ... he does.

The woman then pretends she's at a Western Union branch about to post the money before revealing that she knows he's a dirty scammer.

How does she do that, you ask? Like this:


"Listen to me you putrid little c**k-snorkler," she writes. "Stop trying to scam people you filthy parasite! Get out of my sight you vulgar little d**k-sock!"

Ah random woman on the internet, please never change.

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