Queensland mum exposes Facebook scam after her identity was stolen by a "friend".

A Queensland woman has allegedly been scamming Facebook friends – asking for doctor recommendations and then impersonating them at clinics.

Gold Coast mum Krystall Nikkelson-Villiers exposed the alleged scam on Facebook after receiving messages from a “friend” asking her for a recommendation of a doctor in the area.

She didn’t think much of the “friendly” conversation at the time. But later, when she went to visit her doctor, she was asked about her use of the strong painkiller, Endone – a drug she had never used, reports.

And that’s when Krystall realised her so-called friend had stolen her identity in order to get her hands on painkillers.

The mum decided to share her experience with on Facebook this week, in the hope that she could warn others of similar scams.

Krystall Nikkelson-Villiers
Krystall Nikkelson-Villiers. Image: Facebook

"So as some of you are aware I recently had someone impersonating me and getting prescriptions out in my name. So today I went and saw the footage!" she wrote.

"I am messaging to make everyone aware of any random messages you may have received off literally anyone of a suspicious nature even if they are your friend or you talk to them on a regular basis.

"This girl, came across as a nice individual but she then started asking me random questions out of nowhere one day, didn’t think anything of it as she’s always been friendly and she made it seem like general conversation."

It soon became apparent the woman, who Mamamia for legal reasons hasn't named, had potentially scammed several other Facebook friends. In just days, the post received more than 800 comments.


One woman wrote that she "came close" to giving the woman her Medicare number, while another admitted that she unfortunately had.


"She asked me for my Medicare number back in September! I came so close to giving it to her as we grew up together!! Soooo sorry this has happened to you," the comment read.


"I gave her mine. Which is so stupid because I’m so smart normally when it came to those things! What do I do now," the other woman wrote.

Others shared screenshots of the conversations they'd had with the woman, showing her casual and convincing phrasing.

Image: Facebook
Another woman's conversation with the alleged scammer. Image: Getty

Krystall told her Facebook followers that she would press charges against the woman.

Queensland Police confirmed to Mamamia they had received two complaints in relation to the impersonation case that they were looking into.