New website analyses all your Facebook posts EVER and reveals your personality.

When you post something on Facebook, it turns out you aren’t bragging about the meal you just cooked (You MasterChef, you!) or having a good old complain about something trivial (“Went to Vivid. It starting raining. Urgh, did I mention I got WET?”)

No, no. With every status, check-in and photo upload you’re actually revealing parts of your personality.

And Facebook has been tracking Every. Single. One.

A startup called Five Labs has made a new online tool that claims it can analyse your Facebook posts in order to assess your personality. So forget star-signs, palm readings and tarot cards… social media is where it’s all happening these days.

The site looks at the language you use in order to determine different aspects of your personality. Specifically, it focuses on the ‘Big Five’ – Extraversion, Openness, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness and Agreeableness.

As the site combs through your status updates, it also creates a fun little chart of your personality. So for example, I am apparently Inventive (My year 10 art teacher would not agree), Secure, Analytical, Reserved and Efficient.

Here’s how it looks:

The map then compares you to your friends and various famous people, revealing who you are most and least like. Obviously it’s ridiculous but it is also completely addictive.

You can analyse your results by clicking here.