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Can you help Reese find Katie?



It’s New Year’s Eve, 2012. Reese McKee, a 25-year-old New Zealander, is in Hong Kong. He’s alone. He’s lost.

He sees a girl crying on the side of the road. She says her name is Katie, and that she’s lost all her friends. But that’s okay, because Reese is there now. He can cheer her up. He can stay with her.

The pair dance through the busy streets of Hong Kong all night long – until 6am, when they locate Katie’s friends again.

By that time, Reese already loves her a little bit.

But she waves him off with two simple words – “Find me” – and then disappears into the night.

Now, we’re assuming that Reese might have been a little bit tipsy by the time 6am rolled around. And that’s why he thought it would be so easy to find Katie again. After all – in this day and age of social media, it’s almost all-too-easy to track someone down, even if all you have is their name and location.

But there was a problem. When Reese woke up the next day, he realised he really had a minimal amount of information about Katie. Specifically, he only had:

1) Her first name (although he didn’t know the exact spelling)

2) This picture of her:

3) Her city (she said she came from DC, which he took to mean Washington DC)

4) A vague inkling of her email address (she said that it had Kitty Kat in it somewhere, but again, he’s not sure of the spelling, or even of the web host – Hotmail? Gmail?).


So Reese did the thing that all people now do when they are trying to resurrect a long-lost cause.

He put all the information he had in a Facebook event, and asked everyone to help him find Katie, saying:

This is a call to arms,
For those with a romantic soul,
Or simply believe in a little magic (and a LOT of luck) around this time of year.
This is a plea for your help from this frequently lost boy.
(Hell if you simply like jumping on board Facebook things I’ll take it! It all helps)

Reese does acknowledge that Katie might have a boyfriend, or be unavailable for some other reason – but he’d still like to reconnect, “If only just to say thank you for being the first good memory in what has been a life changing year.”

Happily, there seem to be plenty of people who are big believers in a bit of Christmas magic. There are thousands of people sharing the event and helping Reese track down his lady:

There are some who are questioning why Reese waited over 11 months to attempt to find Katie again. To that, he responded that he spent a few weeks searching for her after it happened, with no success. In June, he realised that he could potentially use Facebook: “But to make something go big it has to be timed right. With the next New Years rolling I felt that right now was the time. It’s the time of miracles right?”

And those of us at Mamamia LOVE a bit of Christmas spirit. So we wanted to share this post with all of you, in the hope that you will all share it even further, and together – we might be able to track down Katie.

Even if she ends up telling Reese that she’s just not that into him… at least his wish of tracking her down will have come true.

What do you think about Reese and Katie’s love story?