Three simple eyelash curler hacks that actually make a difference.

It’s the makeup tool that has men totally confused and makes even those who know what they do a little nervous as they put it close to their eye.

Yes, I’m talking about the eyelash curler.

But far from anything to be afraid of, eyelash curlers are a total game-changer in your makeup routine.

They’ll lift and curl your lashes and make your eyes look more wide awake (handy when you’re still half asleep at your desk).

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And there are ways to make it work even harder. We put three eyelash curler hacks to the test – and yes, they really do make a difference.

1.Make the curl last longer.

If you notice your eylashes drooping by the time you’re on your second morning coffee, turn the heat up.

Blast your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for five seconds. Let it cool down a little so it doesn’t hurt to touch, then curl as normal. The heat will help set the curl and hold for longer.

2. Make the curl big.

Ensure you're getting the biggest and best curl buy curling your lashes in three spots - at the root, in the middle and at the end. Don't be too rough or hard - a gentle squeeze is enough.

3. Save time and do your eyeliner at the same time.

If you're pressed for time, this eyelash-eyeliner hack is a major time-saver. Take a pencil eyeliner in your favourite colour (dark works best) and draw directly on to your curler on the bottom section of the upper part (the part that will touch just above your lash line.)

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Curl as normal, holding against your eye for a few extra seconds. You;ll be left with the perfect slightly smudgy-smokey eye.

Got any more tried and tested hacks to recommend? Let us know below.