Product we secretly want: Eyebrow wigs

Image: Miranda Kerr, owner of great eyebrows (Instagram)

If there’s one beauty trend 2014 will be remembered for, it’s eyebrows.

The proof is in the stats: eyebrow makeup was the fastest-growing beauty category in the 12 months ending in March, with premium brands like MAC, Benefit and Clinique leading the way.

It’s not hard to see where this sudden boom in brows came from. Thanks in no small part to the likes of supermodel Cara ‘Eyebrows’ Delevigne and actresses Lily Collins and Keira Knightley, women around the world are on a mission to fatten up their brows with gels, pencils, powders… along with tattoos, transplants, extensions and, as we’ve just learned, wigs.

Yep – you can buy wigs for your eyebrows, and the phenomenon has apparently kicked off right here in Australia. Go us! As the New York Times reports:

Another development, emerging from Australia, is Final Touch Brows, which offers “eyebrow wigs” for special occasions, akin to a merkin applied to the face. No one ever said getting lush brows was easy — or even glamorous.

Now, when you hear the term ‘eyebrow wig’ – or ‘eyebrow merkin’ – you’re probably picturing a pair of Groucho Marx glasses or our old mate Bert:

Don't worry, our imaginations went there too. But as we've discovered, the reality is incredibly subtle, effective, and not at all cartoonish.

Final Touch's eyebrow wigs are made with human hair, and are available in five different colours. As the brand's website explains, the brows are applied with specially formulated adhesive, and can last up to seven days once applied to the skin.

However, what the New York Times piece didn't mention is that Final Touch actually made these false eyebrows with a far more important cause in mind than just looking good: they're designed for women who have lost their natural brows through illness or medical treatments. The company also has an ongoing partnership with Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Final Touch - which describes itself as Australia's largest brown enhancing collection - also offers brow extensions which last up to 14 days and also look completely natural. Check out these before and after shots of both the brow wigs and extensions, as posted on the Final Touch website and Facebook page:

And just because we know you're probably as eyebrows-obsessed as we are, here are some of the best celebrity eyebrows. You know you want to click through this:

Would you experiment with brow enhancement? Tell us if you ever have!

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