Stop everything. This is the most important 24 minutes of Netflix you'll ever watch.

Some nights I find myself scrolling through the endless options available to me on Netflix, trying to find some way to pass the time between dinner and sleep.

The other night, one title stood out to me, and just 24 minutes later, I knew I’d just watched one of the most important things I’d ever see.

Extremis is the must-watch original documentary from Netflix.

Extremis is a Netflix original documentary that focuses on the end of life care at an Intensive Care Unit in a Californian hospital. In the short film, we see doctors, families and patients face harrowing end-of-life decisions.

The documentary is only 24 minutes long. There's no time for niceties, or introductions to patients or doctors. End-of-life care is complicated.

But somehow, 24 minutes is all we need to understand how hard a decision it is to decide when and how someone should die.

The short documentary focuses on the end-of-life conversations that take place in an ICU ward. Image via Netflix.

Twenty-four minutes is all we need to admire the doctors and nurses who have some of the hardest conversations you could ever imagine having with people multiple times a day. To have our hearts broken as we watch families who hold the hands of their loved ones and ask them how they want to leave this world.

Sometimes, the answers aren't ones they want to hear. Sometimes it's a question that is impossible for some people to ask.

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But if you've ever had a family member who's been in that place, experienced that moment where respecting their wishes comes before everything else, this documentary is for you.

Next time you're searching for a way to switch up your Netflix binge, I highly recommend Extremis. You won't regret spending those 24 minutes of your time watching it.