The most absurd #FirstWorldProblems to have ever existed. *Rolls eyes*

Disclaimer: your eyes will probably roll several times throughout reading this post.

Yes, they’re irrational. Yes, they’re enviable. But dammit, we’re entitled to voice our first world problems.

They’re the legitimate (*cough*), real life (debatable) problems that we face each day. They’re capable of causing us a large amount of stress. And yes, they are extremely trivial when compared to the very real struggles of others in this world.

But dammit, allow us a moment to vent about these pitiful issues that we’re facing today.

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“When my boyfriend buys me a gorgeous bunch of lilies, I can’t help but feel intensely pissed off. It’s obvious why, right? They’ll look nice in a vase for two days before shedding their annoying reddy-brown flower bits everywhere which will take me at least all of 20 seconds to wipe up. Grrrrrr.” – Eddie

“When my frequent flyer status got downgraded from platinum to gold.” – Shannon

“When you realise the show you recorded on Foxtel IQ didn’t record the last and vital 10 minutes because the show ran over time.” – Avi

“I’m constantly tormented about how I had to make a decision on whether or not to live in London or Sydney. In the end I didn’t get sponsored so couldn’t stay in London. #FirstWorldProblem.” – Emily

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“I may have had a tantrum two weeks ago when discussing what area of Sydney to buy an apartment in because I flat out refused to move anywhere that would be too far to walk to work #sorrynotsorry.” – Alexis

“When poached eggs in a cafe are slightly overcooked. HOW DARE THEY.” – Grace

“I honestly got tears in my eyes when I left the coffee shop and sipped my latte. They gave me almond milk instead of soy milk. And it ruined my day.” – Kate

“My sister is currently furious that we’re going to Gerroa and not Byron Bay for our boozy, beach-side Easter long weekend.” – Amy

“I get a bit sad on weekends where I go out for brunch on just one of the two days. What do you MEAN I have to smash my own avocados?” – Kahla

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“My parents AND my mother and father-in-law both own holiday houses in the same town on the north coast, so now I have to choose between their places when I plan to go on holidays. I swear it’s harder than it sounds.” – Lindsey

“When hipster cafes deny me the chocolate powder on the top of my skinny cappuccino.” – Lucy

“When the food you ordered isn’t as tasty as you think it’s going to be. Just devastating.” – Lauren

What is the biggest first world problem in your world?