An Aussie heiress just had the most luxurious wedding we've seen (including a $200,000 dress).

Weddings. What are they good for? Absolutely EVERYTHING.

Aussie heiress Deborah Symond, Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond’s daughter, has tied the knot with long-term Sydney boyfriend Ned O’Neil.

The pair were originally going to marry somewhere far, far away. And a little more… rich exotic if that is even a description.

120 guests had invites originally addressed for a totally casual wedding on a small island in the Caribbean, St Barts.

Their wedding planning took a turn for the worst, however, when Cyclone Irma hit the island, ridding it of electricity and water.

But adamant to keep the wedding, ahem, rich exotic, and totally island-y, the family stuck to their roots down under and chose to rent out Hamilton Island’s Qualia resort for a three-day long celebration.


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Well done to the happy couple and thanks for a fantastic day! #neborah

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Yes, not just one expensive day. Three. THREE.

My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

Deborah exchanged her vows in a custom-made, Christian Dior, haute couture gown she had made specifically for her.

The fittings for said custom-made gown were all in Paris. Because, well, where else?

I know you’re thinking it. The estimated cost?

Cause I’ve, had, the time of my life ????

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#neborah ❤️????

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$200,000. Yes, that’s two hundred thousand dollars.

Deborah, who diverted from the usual white wedding dress trend, stunned in the blush gown that took roughly a year to make.

Enough said.

The pair flew a lucky 120 guests to the Queensland town, all instructed to use the hashtag #Neborah on Instagram to parade the exuberant celebrations.

IN FULL BLOOM ???? #RehearsalDinner #Neborah

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Congrats Ned and Deb wishing I was back here right now! ????????☀️ #neborah

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Talking to Private Sydney, newlywed Mr O’Neil said, “It’s wonderful to have family and friends with us to enjoy what is the happiest day of my life. I am marrying the love of my life and I am the happiest man on earth to be able to share the rest of it with Deb.”

They originally met through friends before the couple realised their fathers worked together way back when.

Talk about a fairytale.

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