One fiancée’s reservations about having an expensive engagement ring.

I got engaged a year ago, and at the time, I got swept up in the excitement of choosing a big, sparkly ring. But now that 12 months have passed and the initial excitement has worn off, I’ve come to regret my decision.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love my ring, and I still catch myself looking at it and playing with it often. But what I do regret is its price tag.

Just to be clear – my ring was most definitely not Kardashian-level expensive. In fact, compared to many of my engaged friends, the amount we spent was quite conservative.

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But still, the cost was in the thousands, and looking back, I wish it has been in the hundreds instead.

I've never really been a big jewellery person, and my personality is pretty low maintenance and non-flashy. I'm far more likely to wear cheap costume jewellery bought from a chain store than the pricey stuff.


And lately I can't help but think the money could have been far better spent.

In hindsight, I'd much rather have got a cheapo ring and put the money towards our mortgage, or renovating our apartment, or travelling, or almost anything else.

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I know for many people, an engagement ring is an important symbol, an investment, and getting a dream diamond means a lot - and power to them.

But I've never been the traditional type. I'm not really into wedding traditions in general. And while it's hardly my biggest life regret, it's still a little niggle that's been at the back of my mind lately.

I would never bring it up with my fiancé, because I know he'd be crushed.

But I just wish I'd reached this conclusion 12 months ago - and now had a dream holiday to look forward to, instead of a pricey piece of metal and rock on my finger.

Do you have any engagement ring regrets?

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