Kid's 'Exhausted Mum' Halloween costume hits just a *little* too close to home.

The best Halloween costume of the year has to be awarded to the realistic and scary “exhausted mum”.

Rachael Fansler Beachy posted a picture of her friend’s daughter, Lainey, dressed as a sleep-deprived mother.

“Notice the spit up and dark circles under her eyes,” said US based Beachy.

“I’m dead! This is the best costume I’ve ever seen!”

The Facebook post has been shared nearly 10,000 times.

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“She just needs yoga pants and a cup of ‘twice warmed up and already cold again’ coffee,” commenter Malory Coffman said.

Jazz Beech said: “Couldn’t be at more accurate, maybe bits of food that they’ve wiped on you could be added.”

However, Joanne Rickman said: “That is brilliant but kinda worrying at the same time.”

Lainey completes the tired mum look with baby vomit on her shoulder.