This 'exercise' video is NOT a joke, we swear

Forget Zumba, and Tai Chi. Put down those dumbells and pack away your step. The latest fitness craze is Prancercise.

What is Prancercise, you ask?

Prancercise is a (totally embarrassing) fun work out where you burn calories by (acting like a horse) allowing for self-expression and enhancing your inner-child so exercise is fun. Focusing on the outdoors amongst nature, this workout mimics the prancing of a horse – a graceful beast that is symbolic of strength, grace and beauty.

There is a website, a book and several YouTube videos to instruct you on everything from eating well, exercising and getting back in touch with your spirituality.

The website says:

Using imagery to imagine ourselves as a beautiful animal that’s a symbol of beauty, strength and endurance while we’re exercising in order to free our minds of any self image that may be less appealing. . . Striving to be the best “ME” you can be!!

We'd love to hear your success stories. It sure beats sweating it out at the gym!