"Surely I am not the only one that's excited to go grocery shopping alone."

Sydney mother of two, Amanda Pestana, has summed up every new mother’s desperate need for alone-time in a popular Facebook post.

“Surely I can’t be the only one who excitedly volunteers to do the grocery shop at Coles alone! How sad that a trip alone to do groceries excites me these days?

“Sometimes I feel like it’s date night but with myself and my sanity!?

“Tonight hubby said – ‘I’m going to go to Coles and do a small grocery shop’ – and I’m like, ‘heck no, I’ll go and u mind the kids!’

“I pumped old school 90s in the car, opened a chocolate bar on the way home and ate it in peace and then even stopped by Oliver Brown in Concord and ordered takeaway waffles and ate them in my garage before I went inside!

“Nuts I know.”

The 29-year-old admits she has very little time to herself while running a business and raising her three-year-old daughter, Ava, and eight-week-old son, Julian. Her husband works “long, long hours” and only has one day off a week.

“I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself,” she said.

The Sydney mum never thought a trip to the grocery store would be exciting but it her latest solo trip was the highlight of her week.

“I couldn’t get out of there quick enough and I was just so excited to actually get changed to go and do grocery shopping.”

"I pumped old school 90s in the car". Image via iStock.

It seems other parents can relate, with her short grocery store story attracting more than 1,000 likes on a closed Facebook group.

The Sydney mother says she tries to make the most of her limited down-time, and gets out and about when her husband takes over.

"I do have another escape planned. It’s Officeworks. I love going to Officeworks. I just like walking the aisles and there’s something about stationary.  It’s really strange, but I buy unnecessary things when I am in there," she said.