It's been 8 years since she was on our TV every week. Now she's a beautiful bride.

We couldn’t be happier for this actress who’s married her childhood sweetheart.

It took almost two decades, but ex-Blue Heelers star Jane Allsop has tied the knot with her childhood sweetheart Dave Serafin. The pair married in a Buddhist-style barefoot ceremony in Bali on the July 3, which was Jane’s 39th birthday.

Jane and Dave have two children – Indiana, 8, and Jagger, 6 – but never felt the need to be married after having been together for 18 years and knowing each other for 25.

Jane and David on their Wedding Day.

It wasn’t until the couple got the push from their kids that they considered the idea. “One night at the dinner table the kids said, ‘Why don’t you get married?’ and 24 hours later, Dave proposed,” Jane today Woman’s Day.

A big step for Jane, who says she’d never believed in marriage in the first place. “We’d say, ‘It’s nonsense! We don’t need a piece of paper to show we love each other. Even as a little girl, I never fantasised about getting married” Jane went on to say.

But Jane told The Daily Mail that on the day she was overcome with emotion when David “said the most beautiful words and we both cried.”

After wrapping up filming of the third series of ABC drama Rake and with the wedding festivities over, we’re sure Jane is enjoying a well-deserved break with her family in Bali.

Congratulations, Jane and David!

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