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1. Member of “Evil 8” paedophile ring told to enter plea.

A member of the notorious West Australian paedophile ring known as the “Evil 8” has been told he can no longer delay judgement for his part in the repeated sexual assault of a teenage girl pimped out by her father and must enter a plea.

Alfred John Impicciatore, 46, is facing four charges of sexually penetrating a child aged between 13 and 16, breaching the terms of his bail and possessing child exploitation material, according to Seven News.

Judge Philip Eaton described the case against the group as one of the worst examples of child sexual abuse ever to occur in Western Australia.

The single, unnamed Perth father met Impicciatore along with others through online groups, including Craigslist, where he arranged for them to come and violate his daughter.

“I’m not going to let him successfully delay the matter further,” Magistrate Stephen Heath said after Impicciatore applied for a second lengthy adjournment of proceedings.

“The time has arrived.”

The girl’s father is already serving a 22 year prison sentence.

2. Election update: Coalition secures key independent support, as Labor meets to affirm support for leader Bill Shorten.

Counting continues today in the quest for a final result in the 2016 federal election.  There are still four to six seats where the outcome is too close to call, and how those seats fall will determine the shape and leadership of the next parliament.

While we wait for definitive answers, the parties and players have continued jostling for power. Malcolm Turnbull flew to Queensland yesterday for talks with maverick independent MP Bob Katter.

The meeting paid off, with Katter announcing he would support a Coalition government on confidence and supply motions in the lower house, effectively adding another notch to their tally in the quest for 76 seats.

Former Prime Minister John Howard has also thrown his support behind Turnbull, saying he should remain as leader of the Liberal party and his coalition is best placed to govern.

“I don’t think there’s any questioning of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership in the Liberal Party at the moment, I really don’t,” he told Lateline

Meanwhile Labor MPs will meet in Canberra today for a caucus meeting to reaffirm Bill Shorten’s leadership, according to the ABC.

Under party rules, an election loss automatically triggers a leadership ballot, but Shorten’s only apparent possible challenger Anthony Albanese has already confirmed he has no plan to seek the job.

As such, Shorten will be renominated as leader at a special caucus today. He is expected to be the only candidate.

The AEC official tally has the Coalition on 73 seats, Labor on 67, five to independents and minor parties and a further five in doubt.

3. Mike Baird has outlawed greyhound racing in NSW. Hooray!

Greyhound racing will become a thing of the past from July 1 next year as NSW Premier Mike Baird declared the “widespread and systemic mistreatment of animals” would no longer be tolerated.

“In response to widespread illegal and unconscionable activity, including the slaughtering of tens of thousands of dogs, I can today announce that NSW is putting an end to greyhound racing,” he wrote on Facebook yesterday.


“Over the coming months, we will consult with the industry to help minimise the pain as best we can for the innocent industry participants as we work towards an orderly industry shutdown.

“We will develop a strategy to work with the RSPCA to manage the welfare of existing greyhounds.

“And the transition arrangement for Greyhound Racing NSW assets (like greyhound racing tracks) will ensure they are used for open public space, alternative sports facilities or other community use.”

The ban come after a special commission of inquiry found overwhelming evidence of animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting.

4. Anti-paedophilia campaigner Derryn Hinch admits to sleeping with teenage model.

Shock jock come Senator elect Derryn Hinch has corrected his own claim he once slept with a 15-year-old girl while he was 35, after the girl contacted him to clarify she  was 17 at the time, the Daily Mail reports.

In his 2004 autobiography, Hinch, who is a strong campaigner against child sexual abuse, said he made a “dreadful mistake” unknowingly sleeping with the teenager he believed to be “about 25”.

Hinch met the girl at a  boozy party at Molly Meldrum’s house, according to his book, and the pair went out for dinner on a few occasions.

When he asked how old she was she replied: “15 years and four months”.

The legal age of consent in Victoria is 16.

One of the keystone policies of the Derryn Hinch Justice Party is to generate a registry which lists the country’s child sex offenders.

5. US police caught on camera shooting second black man dead in less than a week.

It was a “routine” traffic stop, but when Philando Castile reached for his licence, police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota shot the 32-year-old four times, critically injuring him.

The whole thing was live streamed around the world by Castile’s girlfriend who was broadcasting the traffic stop live on Facebook.
Lavish Reynolds can be heard on the recording saying Castile was a school cafeteria worker, that he had a gun in the car but was licenced to carry one.

Her four-year-old daughter was in the back of the car.

It is the second fatal shooting of a black man by police in the United States caught on camera this week.

The first, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, involved a man, Alton Sterling, 37 already pinned to the ground by police being shot and killed, according to the ABC.

Once again the shootings have sparked frustration, anger and protest in the black community, as a spate of high profile deaths have highlighted the dangers Black Americans face in what should be uneventful situations with police, that too often end in violence.

In Louisiana, the US Justice Department is investigating, and the Minnesota Governor has labelled the police actions “unacceptable”, the ABC reported.

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