Every single dazzly detail from that time when George married Amazing Amal.

Wedding pants. WEDDING PANTS! (Photo: PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)
Wedding pants. WEDDING PANTS! (Photo: PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)


Just when we thought Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s wedding couldn’t get any more Hollywood Glamour, she went and upped the chic factor….

By wearing a pair of perfectly-tailored wedding pants.

Amal, 36, wore the ridiculously stylish, high-waisted, white wedding pants to the civil ceremony part of the celebrations.

The move sparked an internet wedding pants frenzy, with Twitter users dubbing Amal (who, as an international human rights barrister, is already a bit of a #feministicon and a #careericon) a #styleicon.

“Completely obsessed with #Amal Alamuddin,” one wrote.

“She’s a style goddess,” another tweeted.

Another Twitter user wrote: “I know he’s George Clooney, but does anyone else think she’s a little out of his league? Or everyone’s league?”

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George Clooney got married on the weekend.

First of all, lets call it like it is:

Human rights activist and drop-dead gorgeous all-round inspiring woman, Amal Alamuddin married an ageing yet, terribly handsome actor, George Clooney, over the weekend.

Just when we’d begun to think that Hollywood glamour was over, quashed by reams of Hollywood tape, scuba-material dresses and braless tuxedoes, this couple of restored the withering standards with old-fashioned class, beautiful outfits, Italy and vintage speed boats.


Post-wedding, what are they doing right now? This.

This morning, they went out for lunch with their equally glamorous guests.

Spotted: their wedding bands. The rings are understated in that sort of completely overstated way.

A humble band, the simplest sign of united love set behind the most flamboyant of settings. Most notable? The dress.

It was couture Giambattista Valli.

Translation: “flicking through this gallery is probably the closest you’ll ever get to it”.

Which makes it all the more heavenly.

But before we saw today’s dress there was a wedding. And before the wedding was the lead-up. All in all, the marriage of George and Amal can’t be simply described as a marriage. It was a four-day celebration of love. A festival of love.

The Arrival 

It all began with George having a rather low-key sun-soaked brekky at his favourite restaurant with his pals, a la Cindy Crawford.

Later that day, US Vogue editor, Anna Wintour arrived and it was soon revealed that the couple would be selling the rights to their wedding pictures to Vogue and of course, be using the money to make a donation to a charity of their choosing.

The Party 

And then we got confirmation of their closest pals as the big names rolled in to town: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Bono.

The women wore florals. The men, suits. There are few photos of them partying together. But there are hundreds of photos of them all stepping into boats looking awkwardly regal. But always, glamorous.

But the question most celebrity spotters were asking: where were Brad and Angelina? Rumour has it they couldn’t get away from filming their first movie together since Mr & Mrs Smith in Greece. But now, it’s believed they were there for the wedding and just kept a low-profile in the lead-up. Classy.

Also on the guest list -but flying under the paparazzi-radar – was actor Cate Blanchett and author Kathy Lette, the wife of Alamuddin’s boss, Geoffrey Robertson QC. Ben Affleck was also rumoured to be attending but couldn’t due to filming commitments.


The Night Before 

The night before the wedding, Amal wore a red, silk Alexander McQueen dress. A dress that must’ve been made for that Venetian night because there was nothing more perfect than the breeze whipping through that train. Heavenly.

Apparently, George was whisked away for his ‘stag night’ where he drank expensive wine but no one really cares because of Amal and that dress. She was literally circled by her family, looking like she was living a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding but there was nothing more beautiful than her smile. It said it all. Amal Alamuddin is in love.

The Wedding

The ceremony took place in front of around 90 guests at sunset in a seven-star hotel called, Aman Canal Grande Hotel. They were married by their close friend and ex-mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni.

George waved to the adoring crowds – locals and tourists – as he arrived to the venue. He looked dashing in Armani.

Little has been revealed about Amal’s wedding dress and no photos have been leaked after the couple requested all their guests leave their phones and cameras at the door. But did they deprive them of the memory? Would they do that? Never. George and Amal gave each of the guests a digital camera that was linked to a database where all the pictures could be reviewed and traced so that if a photo was leaked, they’d be able to tell who leaked it. Firm, but fair. Like it.

After a ceremony, a source has revealed guests were served champagne and canapes like polenta with wild mushrooms and prosciutto ham with figs. Yum.

Close to home, Australian designer Johanna Johnson was rather thrilled at being given the honour of dressing Amal’s friend, Jennifer Robinson known only as a “confidant to the bride” and presumably held some sort of ‘bridesmaid’ role. She wore a beautiful, black lace dress.

The After Party

Reckon it’s all over? No way. The festival continues. They’re enjoying a long, lunch RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT. They have just motored past fans lining the canal in a vintage-inspired timber speed boat with the Italian word for love ‘amore’ adorned on the side. Crush. No doubt there are more details to come, we’ll bring them to you. Stay tuned …

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