"I've chosen my baby's name, but everyone I know hates it."


Naming your child is one of the biggest dilemmas for a parent-to-be.

You don’t know whether you’ll still be in love with the name in five, ten or even fifty years. More importantly, it’s hard to predict how the name will adapt as your baby grows into an independent little person of their own.

For Jocelyn, though, that dilemma has reached epic proportions. Her friends and family have told her they hate her chosen baby name – and she’s not sure what to do.

Writing to The Name Sage, who gives expectant mums and dad advice on baby names, Jocelyn explains:

I’m due in November with out first child – a boy!

We have picked the name Riggins Blaine. Blaine is his father’s middle name.

Since we’ve announced his name, several people have commented that Riggins is an “odd” and “strange” name.

It is making me second-guess our choice. I know I shouldn’t care what others think, but I’m curious about whether this is a bad choice for a name?

Ever diplomatic, The Name Sage assured Jocelyn that the choice was all her own, explaining that older family members were often confused and even shocked by the “weird” names people are using in 2016.

“Names as popular as Mason and Jackson might seem weird, if you were naming children back in the heyday of Michael and Jeffrey,” The Name Sage said.

We normally try not to judge, but these are the worst baby names we’ve ever come across…

The commenters on Nameberry weren’t quite as supportive, with some questioning whether Riggins was too out there.

“Riggins definitely is unusual. I can see why it is getting negative comments,” wrote one commenter.

“I do… think that sometimes, you do have to open your ears and hear what people are saying.”

Others warned against even telling people your choice of name.

“This is why you never ever share your name choice with people before the baby is born. Everyone has an opinion! If you announce the name along with a picture of your adorable baby, people will be hard pressed to find anything negative to say.”

What do you think about the name Riggins? Should parents wait until the baby is born to announce their choice of name?