5 things you need to know about the Aussie Big Brother star who has everyone talking.

Having entered the UK Big Brother house just over a week ago, Australian Evelyn Ellis has wasted no time in making an impact.

Here’s everything we know about the mysterious expat so far…

She still calls Australia home.

Despite moving to the UK after school to pursue career opportunities and regularly sharing snaps of her globe trotting on Instagram, Ellis talks about her Aussie heritage often on social media.

Born to a Chinese mother and English dad, she was raised as an only child in the Sydney suburb of Hurstville before heading overseas.

evelyn ellis big brother

Evelyn Ellis entering the Big Brother house. Source: Channel 5

She's one of the youngest contestants in the house.

There's a huge twist to this year's series of Big Brother, with contestants being unknowingly split into two houses rather than one. And with 18 strangers making their way onto the series, at just 20 years old, Ellis clocks in as one of the youngest.

She's in good company though, sharing her living quarters with the heavily tattooed Marco Pierre White Junior, model Jackson Blyton, personal trainer and model Alex Cannon and reality TV star Laura Carter.

Video via Big Brother

She's not afraid of a little controversy. 

While every year of Big Brother is notoriously rowdy, it looks as though the 2016 season is set to be more controversial than ever. And just one week in, Ellis is already in the middle of viewer complains over obscene on-screen behaviour.

Following a night in the spa, Ellis partook in a topless kiss with fellow contestant Laura Carter, with Marco Pierre White Jnr screaming instructions to the two women about how to kiss and touch one another.


Carter and White Jnr were later caught up in a further controversy of their own after White Jnr exposed and sucked on Carter's breast and had sex on screen.

Ellis kissing housemate Carter, with White Jnr looking on. 

Her career goals are clear.

In addition to working as a hostess when applying for Big Brother, Ellis also works as a swimwear and bikini model. Which makes sense when you consider she told viewers, "my best feature are my tits."

Whether you agree with Ellis' behaviour or not, running around in teeny tiny swimmers on international television isn't likely to hurt her career any time soon, and in her own words, "my best feature is my tits."




Source: Instagram

She's not looking for love.

"I feel like a guy that's good enough for me would not be in the Big Brother house," Ellis told viewers seriously before entering the compound.

But anyone trying to keep the beauty onside had better move with caution. "I just have a really ugly attitude when I don't get my own way," Ellis continues. Tread carefully, gents.

Source: Instagram

Big Brother UK is screened on Channel 5.