An artistic tribute to nature you're going to want to hang in your lounge.


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Nature’s beauty is unique and abundant. Its designs and colours can’t be matched.

At least, that’s what Melbourne-based artist Eve Marks says. Her latest series, entitled ‘Habitat’, is her very own tribute to nature.

“I have created scenes devoid of corruption, rivalry and greed. These works are a pure and ideological representation of my maternal nature in a world free of corruption and violence,” Eve told Mamamia. “They are a true representation of everything that is precious to me.”

One of the images from the Habitat collection.

Eve moved to Byron Bay in the late 90s, where she was surrounded by the captivating scenery that can only be matched by postcards.

“Within the first year of painting I was picked up by a gallery in town called ‘Byron Fine Arts’. My paintings were selling well from the get go so I dropped everything else and concentrated on building a career in painting,” she said.


Her creative process when painting is reflective of her personality in some ways – intriguing and abstract. You can’t help but be filled with a burning curiosity to know more.

“My routine has always been to wake up and get to work for 6 to 9 hours every day. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and when I can’t sleep I paint. It’s so peaceful and focused in the early hours.”

The muses behind these captivating pieces of art are her husband, Bruce, and her son, Jake. They, along with a burning vision that comes from the days she spent exploring Melbourne creeks with her brother as a young child, are Eve’s inspiration for her work.

The artist just has one wish for her pieces: “People should only buy my work if they love it, if they can relate to it, or if it makes them happy.”

For more images from the Habitat collection, click through our gallery below.

To view more of Eve’s work, you can visit her website by clicking here. You can also find her on Facebook by clicking here.

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