You'll never believe what Eva Mendes says is the top cause of divorce.

Yep, she really just said that.

Eva Mendes, 41, is currently partnered with one of the most gorgeous men in the world.

Cough, cough… Ryan Gosling.

But even though the pair aren’t married, she’s dishing the relationship advice out like it’s nobody’s business. And we are all ears, until now.

Her latest comment about divorce is a strongly unpopular opinion.

Apparently, the top reason for divorce in Eva’s books is because women wear sweatpants around the house.

On this side of the pond, we refer to them as track pants, or if you’re really fancy, tracky dacks.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.

"You can’t do sweatpants...ladies, number one cause of divorce in America. Sweatpants, no!" she told Extra TV.

"I don't really like pants, I mean I will wear them — figuratively and literally — but I feel much more comfortable in a dress or skirt," Eva went on to say.

While it sound ridiculous, if she snagged Ryan maybe there's some truth to the idea...

Eva and Ryan welcomed their first born, Esmeralda, at the start of the year, with Eva taking a year out of the spotlight during the pregnancy.

But now, she's well and truly back with a bang.

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