A fan got hold of Eva Longoria's phone number. Couldn't resist dialling it.

Eva Longoria in happier times, when her privacy hadn’t been invaded.

It seems Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria has been having problems with her local Apple store in Texas. And by problems, we mean she handed her laptop to an employee for repairing and that employee took a look at her files, found her email address and phone number, and called her up just to say hey.

This is a classic example of something that is NOT OKAY TO DO.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, the 39-year-old said it’s been happening a lot lately, which is equal parts ridiculous and terrifying.

“(The employee said) ‘I made a dress and I want to send it to you. I work at the Apple store here in San Antonio.'”

Eva, completely understandably, questioned how the staff member got her phone number and the employee replied, “I saw your phone number from your profile. I just wanted to call and say, ‘Hi, I’m a fan.'”

Again, NOT OKAY.

Obviously the Apple employees at the San Antonio store lack the willpower and moral compass of, say, a Saint, but surely you’d realise you shouldn’t be looking through her files.

Or maybe, you know, don’t call her if you find her phone number. Maybe, if you really felt the need to steal it, just keep it to yourself and never tell anyone. Just write it on a napkin, draw hearts around it, keep it under your pillow, and stroke it every night before you fall asleep.

No? Not OK either? Fine.
Would you go through a celebrity’s computer if they gave it to you? 

While you think about it, here’s Eva Longoria doing a bunch of different Eva Longoria things.