The bizarre Eurovision moment that left the audience stunned.

Yes, well.

I’ve got a story to tell you which involves a lot of glitter, a middle-aged Backstreet Boy impersonator, Joel Creasey and J.K Rowling.

You see, the grand final of the Eurovision song contest is currently wrapping up.

There’s sequins, there’s lots of flowy material, and there’s at least one contestant who thinks they’re 2018’s answer to Enya.

There’s also one strange man who thought it would be a good idea to storm the stage and start yelling out things about Nazis.

Because… yes.

SuRie, UK’s entry into the competition, was performing on stage when it happened.

A man in a bandana, who looked like a middle-aged Backstreet Boy, ran on stage, grabbed the microphone and started yelling about “Nazis” and “Freedom” and what not.

Security quickly intervened and SuRie continued her performance… because she was wearing a lot of sequins and had some things to express through song, goddammit.

SBS commentator Joel Creasey described the man as “some absolute c*ckhead”, proving why Australia needs to be in the competition once and for all.

Even J. K. Rowling loved it.

“Apparently the Australian commentator called @surieofficial‘s stage invader ‘some absolute c*ckhead’ and I don’t want to hear another word about Australia being in ever again,” she wrote on Twitter.


SuRie was given the opportunity to perform again but she decided to stick with her original performance – a move that just made fans love her even more.


This isn’t the first time “some absolute c*ckhead” has invaded the stage at Eurovision.

Last year a man draped in an Australian flag, jumped on stage and mooned the audience.

But we, as a country, would like to pretend that never happened, pls.

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