The most horrible sound your child can make at night. (And the best way to fix it).

How horrible is the sound of a child coughing at night?


How horrible is the sound of a child coughing at night? It’s just awful. During the day it sounds a bit pitiful. You think, “I’d better take them to the doctor” but you get busy then at night, you’re ripped out of your sound slumber every 3-5 minutes as they cough and rattle their way through to the next day.

My children are aged from eleven to four and they all have sleeping issues, even when they don’t have the coughs and colds they are suffering from now. My 11-year-old wakes up from terrible nightmares resulting from his overactive imagination and my four-year-old has a range of reasons to wake at night from thirst to toilet needs to requests for hugs.

I’m happy to respond to all these requests but what I really love is for them to get a good night’s sleep, and I like a bit of that myself.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser

We’re an allergy family, nothing serious, just a bit of asthma, a bit of a pet hair allergy, a bit of a dust might allergy and a constant need for beautiful fresh air. At night when the windows are closed, when the dust mites are swirling and the dog is asleep on his bed in the kitchen the kids can have a restless night’s sleep. Every time I mention this to a doctor the only advice they offer is to take extra doses of our medicines and nasal sprays. Then a friend suggested we buy a Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporisers are the best on the market. Even if you have an allergy-free home, kids get coughs and colds all the time. Kids need good air to breath at night for a peaceful night’s sleep. A Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser will ensure all of that.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser

They create an atmosphere of warmth and humidity which can improve your children’s sleep all year around. Add a touch of lavender oil and they relax in minutes, sleep soundly at night and wake up totally refreshed.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser is so easy to use. You simply add water, which then heats and this serves to kill any bacteria or micro-organisms which might be present. Right now the winter weather is leaving us with dry air, made worse by our use of heaters. When kids are healthy this can make for a fitful sleep. Add a cold or any sort of congestion and it can make sleep impossible.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporisers relieve congestion due to coughs, colds, flu and bronchitis and even help healthy kids to have a good night’s sleep, and by association, you.

Have you ever used a vaporiser at night? Did you notice that your children’s sleep improved? Are your kids coughing at night? What remedies have you tried?

The Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser’s soothing flow of warm, sanitised steam helps you breathe better and sleep easier all night long.  Euky Bear is the quietest vaporiser on the market, so it helps maintain a peaceful, restful environment.  Whether used in children’s rooms overnight for colds, croup or bronchitis, or during the day to humidify dry indoor environments, the Australian-owned Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser is a versatile investment for health of your family.  Comes with a full 5 year warranty.  Available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and pharmacies; for stockists visit